About us

Al Hamama Catering has earned a reputation for eight years as a dedicated provider of catering and related management services for clients in the UAE. The Company has experienced substantial growth throughout every sector of the company, and it has expanded and adapted to meet the changing circumstances of the catering industry while satisfying the demands of customer base.

Al Hamama Catering Services (L.L.C.), is a well established company and spread throughout the Dubai & Northern Emirates proving to be a pioneer in catering services and management.

Dedicated to Quality & Customer Service, Al Hamama no matter the location or circumstance, plan, organize and provide catering services with standards second to none.

We are always responsive and flexible towards the clients needs whilst also being creative and innovative in suggesting improvements. Attention to detail and commitment to quality and service that has earned Al Hamama a first class reputation.

Al Hamama successfully obtained the certification in ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP in its different companies.